365-Rx.com Review: It’s a Scam!



According to its’ website, 365-Rx.com claims itself to the first-mover when it comes to selling superior quality drugs across the world. The company which claims to offer the best prices for drugs online also boasts of having touched 1-million mark when it comes to number of satisfied customers.

A review of this online pharmacy would shed light on why the store should be avoided at all costs.

Registration Date


Contact Information

Owner Country



Business Information  
Name Trust Pharmacy
Address Not Provided
Phone Numbers Provided
Licenses, Certificates, and Approvals
LegitScript status: rogue
Customer Support
Email Yes
Live-Chat No
Toll-Number US: +1-718-487-9792
UK: +44-2032-397-7092
Mail Yes
Courier-Mail No
Free Shipping Option Yes
Track Number No
Bitcoin No
Cards Yes
E-Checks No

Domain Details

Every domain name registration has records which are available for public viewing and verification. According to the records available for 365-Rx.com, the domain name for the online pharmacy was registered in 2016.

The pharmacy has used privacy service to ensure their contact details are hidden from public view. The comparatively new domain name registration as well as hidden contact details raise red flags and is a pointer towards an online pharmacy scam.

365-Rx.com is run by??

Any genuine online pharmacy would have a physical business address as it adds trustworthiness to its brand. But when it comes to 365-Rx.com, there is no trace of any real-world business address. The site does offer a business name “Canadian Pharmacy Ltd.,” but this name is far too common and most probably is a fake.

Canadian Pharmacy Ltd. has been used to lend some sort of legitimacy to the website and show it as an established business. This name raises a red flag because while the business claims to be a Canadian company, there is no record of the same in the corporate database of the Canadian Government. In reality, this company may be based out of Lithuania.

The Scam

The first thing which a person would notice when they visit this online drugstore is the logo. The logo has absolutely no relation to the registered website domain name.

The ‘TrustPharmacy’ logo is a graphic which has appeared on many other websites, and that creates a sense of fakeness about this store.

The site seems to be a part of a web of affiliate sites that are linked to a central payment hub that receives the payment and dispatches the drugs.

Mirror Sites

A review of the numerous identical sites similar to the present one, which is from the same network, does not inspire good reviews. Some of the site reviewed include:

  • Canadian-Generics.com
  • Good-Pills.com
  • I365-Pills.com
  • net

Regulatory Approval

The 365-Rx.com site displays regulatory seals from some Canadian associations, which on closer scrutiny has turned out to be fake. The main purpose of displaying this logo was to convince an unsuspecting customer that this was a legit site, and one can place an order for medication without any worries.

Ideally, clicking on the seals should take a viewer to the associated site, but this is not the case with this website. A quick check with CIPA also busts the claim of this site to be a genuine one with appropriate regulatory approvals.

The 365-Rx.come was also reviewed by LegitScript, and the online pharmacy does not come out with flying colors following the review. In fact, the site has been given a “rogue” rating which makes one believe that the site does not follow necessary rules and regulations of the country where they are supposed to operate from as well as the countries which they claim they have the approval to sell drugs.

Payment and Shipping

The site only accepts MasterCard or Visa for payments. But the site is not secure, and the chances of one losing financial information if used at this site are very high.

A customer can order the drugs either through express mail or airmail. If an airmail route is preferred, then the drugs would reach you within three weeks, costs $9.95, which can be waived off if one orders drugs worth $200 or more.

Express mail is costlier at $19.95, but assures quicker delivery, in three days or less. Like airmail, the charges for express mail is waived off if a customer orders drugs worth $300 or more. The site also charges an additional shipping insurance charge of $4.95.

365-Rx.com Testimonials

To lend credibility to their websites, online pharmacy stores include testimonial pages. These pages are used to convince the gullible customers that the site is genuine, and there are no reasons to worry while purchasing from this site. The testimonial pages show only positive feedback, which helps a customer in gaining confidence and makes them spend more than they would have wished for. This is the main reason why one would find only great and rave reviews on these websites.

The common thread that runs among these online pharmacies is that most of the comments contained in the testimonial pages are fake and is used as a tool to convince those customers who are still thinking about doing business with these online pharmacies.

Looking at the reviews present on the 365-Rx.com reviews, one can easily make out that all of the reviews are fake. These reviews are copied and do not reflect genuine customer opinion.


Our review gives 365-Rx.com site only 1-star rating. The pharmacy has far too many red flags, which makes it impossible for us to recommend it. The 365-Rx.com site is a copy of various other sites which contain fake testimonials, hidden contact details, fake business name, and no accreditation. The online drugstore does not inspire trust to go ahead and place orders with them.