Like its numerous counterparts, is an online pharmacy which claims to sell high-quality drugs at affordable prices. The “.md” URL can make any gullible customer feel that this is a genuine online pharmacy website. However, investigations have revealed that pharmacy is not what it claims to be and has a lot to hide. Simply put, is your typical “rogue” pharmacy having suspicious dealings. The following is a detailed review of this online drugstore.

Site Analysis

The pharmacy has been working for more than a year now. According to investigations, this online drugstore was known as in its previous version. Despite the site being relatively new, it still suffers from trust issues as highlighted by scam analysis

We were not able to establish either the location or the name of the business owner since this vital information was not available on search platforms. This indicates that the business owner is using protection service for hiding the details of ownership.

However, a scamadviser search does reveal that this site is based out of Hong Kong. The pharmacy owner also uses a free email account, which is also a major risk factor. The business owner can deactivate the free email account at any time they wish.

Mirror Copies

A search of pharmacy site reveals that the website is a part of a web of several suspicious websites, which does indicate that it might be associated with an illegal affiliate network. What increases the suspicion even further is the fact that these related sites have an Indian connection, a country which has a comparatively higher degree of online fraud. Some of the prominent websites that are related to this website include:

  • com

Company Profile

There is no evidence of a company profile for drugstore. Additionally, the business name of this drugstore was also not able to be established despite several searches. This raises a potential red flag because lack of business name and company profile shows that this drugstore is a sham drugstore. One should be advised to use caution and avoid doing any transactions with these types of online pharmacies.

Regulatory Agency Approvals

Before doing any transactions with an online business, it is always prudent to scrutinize the business in detail. When it comes to online pharmacies, they need to have certain mandatory approvals from regulatory agencies like MIPA, NABP, CIPA as well as various other agencies, which would lend credibility to these online drugstores.

If an online pharmacy does not display the regulatory seals or certifications, then it would be safe to assume that the pharmacy is operating illegally.

With regard to, the website does not display any type of legal certifications or approvals, which proves that this is a sham company. As a matter of fact, a quick run of on shows that it is a “rogue” pharmacy.


Quality of Products Offered pharmacy offers a range of medications such as antibiotics and health products like skincare products on its website. They are sourced from India. However, the quality of meds on offer is a suspect since the pharmacy does not have the license to dispense these type of medications.

Prescription Policy

Another factor which raises the concern about the legitimacy of is the drugstore’s prescription policy. Online pharmacy does not have any type of prescription policy. One can buy any type of any drug without having to submit a valid prescription.

The Coupon Business

Buy-Pharma, to attract more customers, offers coupons which promise to give drugs at a very low price. However, a check of few drugs on offer showed that they were actually more expansive than what was being offered in brick-and-mortar drugstores. offers special discounts to customers who pay using Bitcoin. All orders paid through via Bitcoin is offered a “10% discount” during checkout.

Payments and Deliveries

Payment methods offered by include:

  • Bitcoin
  • Visa
  • MasterCard

Surprisingly, this drugstore has an SSL certificate which ensures that all your card details are protected while you transact on this website. Despite this, the pharmacy encourages its clients to prefer the Bitcoin option while making payments.

This might be because Bitcoin payments are essentially anonymous, and one would not be able to know details about the intended recipient.

All products ordered on this site are delivered using airmail which would take at least a week to three weeks to deliver. Unfortunately, the site does not offer an option to track the status of the shipment.

Customer Feedback

Interestingly, does not display any type of customer reviews or testimonials. There are no customer reviews on third-party sites such as TrustPilot as well.


Buy Pharma, according to our findings, is not a legit business. The site has numerous suspicious activities that question its legitimacy. We do not recommend doing any transactions on this website. gets only a 1-star rating.