An online drugstore, ClearSkyPharmacy.biz claims to sell several FDA-approved high-quality branded and generic medicines to its customers. Claiming to be in business since 2010, ClearSkyPharmacy.biz offers both prescription as well as over-the-counter drugs.

Having dedicated customer support, ClearSkyPharmacy.biz makes sure that the clients get satisfactory answers to their queries and concerns.

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Genmed Commerce Inc.


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status: rogue

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Website Legitimacy

The looks of a website are important as it is the first thing which a prospective client sees. This gains more importance when it comes to a website, which offers products online.

A quick run of ClearSkyPharmacy.biz on scamadviser shows that it is a website with high levels of risk. The major factor which raises concern is that while the website claims that it is from the US, the search reveals that the website might be based out of Seychelles.

Payment Option

A striking feature of ClearSkyPharmacy.biz is the payment options which it offers. While one should not have any problem if a website promotes the use of digital currencies, but if the leaning is more towards cryptocurrencies than normal banking methods or cards, then something seems to be amiss.

Doing business with these type of websites can be a risky proposition as it does not leave a proper trail. What’s more, ClearSkyPharmacy.biz also accepts credit card at a certain point.

So, in short, the website is forcing you to switch between two payment methods, which ideally should not be the case. Furthermore, a legit online pharmacy, which ClearSkyPharmacy.biz claims to be, should accept credit cards.

Data Protection

One interesting feature of this website is the secure connection it offers. This is an important thing as assures its clients that their data, such as personal details, bank details, as well as passwords, are safe on the website.

One need not worry about third party accessing personal details or hackers hacking the website while visiting this website.


ClearSkyPharmacy.biz offers medicines at very cheap rates. If one visits their website, then they can see that the website offers meds that are reasonably priced to medicines that are dirt cheap, and a majority of these drugs are sold below a dollar.

You might argue that these dirt cheap rates suggest that the company is selling counterfeit products; but to be fair to the online drugstore, they also offer generic medicines, which makes the prices reasonably fair.

Most of the generic medicine are generally sold at very low prices, and as such, it does not raise an issue of counterfeiting. However, one cannot completely rule it out.

Website Ownership

Unlike many other websites which mask its identity, ClearSkyPharmacy.biz does not mask its identity and is a legitimate one. This even though the site is hosted in the United States, whereas the company is from Seychelles. The online drugstore is owned by Genmed Commerce Inc., which is based out of Seychelles. The drugstore has also put out its physical address as well as mobile contacts.

Company Reviews

Any online company worth its salt would have been reviewed by clients across all the platforms. While ClearSkyPhramacy.com, as such, does not have a review page present on its website, a simple Google search would throw up several reviews about ClearSkyPhramacy.com that are genuine.

There are multiple testimonials on different websites, and ClearSkyPhramacy’s reviews seem to be from genuine people, and not some auto-generated reviews.

Auto-generated reviews is a common phenomenon across various websites as it generally is positive feedback and is used to entice prospective clients to do business with them.

ClearSkyPhramacy.com, therefore, gets the benefit of the doubt, and it is safe to conclude that the website is a legit business website.


Despite the red flag of conflicting payment mode, one can assume that the website does not intend to cheat its’ esteemed patrons. However, the rogue pharmacy status that LegitScript gives to ClearSkyPhramacy.com is a worrying signal.

One cannot guess whether the online drug store is selling counterfeit products mostly due to its low prices, but then we have not come across any reviews that shout out the fact that the website has been selling counterfeit products.

The only advice we can give to people visiting ClearSkyPhramacy.com is to be careful with the payment. As regards to the rating, we feel that ClearSkyPhramacy.com deserves a 2-star rating.

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