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Online pharmacies are a great boon in current times where people are busy tackling their daily life pushing their health to the back seat. For those of us who don’t even have time to our medicines refilled, the advent of online pharmacies that deliver medicines and other health care products to our doorstep is definitely of great help.

But, but, but….at the same time we need to watch out for those embezzler pharmacies that are on the rise these days. They are definitely a concern for people who rely on pharmacies on the internet to procure their medicines as the medicines might turn out to be fake, expired or there could be issues with its quality. which seems a very good online drug store at first glance but when we look deeper, we find it has dubious intentions.

One can never be sure at all times if they are dealing with a genuine pharmacy selling good quality medicines or if they have placed their trust on a bogus company. To be on our guard at all times, it is always better to do some research about the online pharmacy from where we plan to buy the medicines from in order to be sure if it is genuine or fake.

In order to help you out, today we have come up with an analysis of which seems a very good online drug store at first glance but when we look deeper, we do find that it is one of those online pharmacy sites that have dubious intentions.

Let’s take a detailed look into the website:

About the Domain:

The website that this online pharmacy uses is found to have been lodged somewhere in 2016 which means that it is maybe just 2 years old or even less. We also made a detailed scam analysis using scam adviser and the results showed that the site has very little trust rating, which is definitely not a good sign.

We were not able to completely procure the details on the location of the website but we did get some inputs which pointed towards the fact that it could be based out of Lithuania, which is a high risk country.

pharm-24h review

Also, it was found that this particular website owns more than a 100 mirror websites which is a clear manifestation that it is a part of an illegal affiliate program. On further investigation, we also came to know that the websites that have been related to the main one are exceedingly cynical and a few of them have even been associated with a history of online fraud.

Buyers should take additional care while they perform transactions with their cards on this websites.pharm-24h review

Business Name and Address
The pharmacy operates online under the name “Sky Pharmacy”. Also, like most unreliable and questionable online pharmacies, there is absolutely no information as to who owns the website or its stores. Additionally, there is no data available about its business address too. The only obtainable contact details about the site were an EU phone number and a US phone number.

Legal Approvals
It came to our notice that the Sky Pharmacy website do have seals from many regulatory agencies but the pharmacy doesn’t seem to have in place any legal approvals that are essential for its operation.

We did a quick search on which gave us a shocking revelation – This online drug shop does not show on the agency’s concordance when people are actually fooled into thinking that it is.

As a matter of fact, this online drug store makes use of a fake licence to dupe those purchasers who are totally unaware of their deceitful intentions. They do not have a business licence or any approvals in place which clearly points to the fact that their operations are illegal. In such scenarios, people who choose to buy their medicines from such online pharmacies are at a high risk of buying counterfeit medications paying the actual price since there are no ways to ensure if the drugs have been truly certified.

An example:
pharm-24h scam

Medications: review

As we discussed before there is absolutely no guarantee on the quality of medications available on such websites. A point to be noticed here is, even though the so called “Sky Pharmacy” makes claims that they offer almost all types of medicines, the drugs that are most popular on this website are sexual wellness products.

Such pharmacies take advantage of the fact that customers usually prefer buying sexual health medications and products online than buying it off a physical store as it is easier to explore the options and the purchase is always discreet and easier.

Innocent customers fall prey to this trap by the con men who run such websites get away with the consumer’s heard earned money.

We reckon that such mock-up medicines are mostly produced in India and Pakistan because they do not have strict laws that need to be abided while manufacture of drugs and that makes the drugs to be of questionable quality. We would also like to highlight that Sky Pharmacy does not possess a licence to operate which could even mean that they might be heavily involved in cross border smuggling of medications. One should be careful about such fake medicines as there is a high likelihood of poisoning from them.


The low pricing of medicines in Sky Pharmacy is again a bait to tempt customers into buying the drugs. The rates of certain medicines on this website are ferociously low cost, for example Viagra costs only $0.36 per pill and Levitra costs $1.75 per pill.

This in itself shows that the medicines are presumably of cheap quality which is why they are easily available at such low costs.

Payments, Shipping and Delivery:

This is the only aspect we found to be good about this website. Making payments for your orders, getting your orders placed and delivered at your door step is quite simple on this website. Sky Pharmacy easily consents many types of credit cards, including Visa and MasterCard and they let their clients make payments in 5 different currencies which include CAD, AUD, GBP, EUR and USD.


Clients can be assured of their card data as all transactions done on the website are safe as they are encrypted using HTTPS to protect the data.

When it comes to shipping, Sky Pharmacy offers two different modes of shipping. One is the Standard Airmail and the other is EMS. We all know that the standard airmail takes around 2-3 weeks to deliver the products and EMS takes around 3-8 days, which could vary depending upon the delivery destination.

The airmail shipping cost is $9.95 whereas EMS shipping cost is $19.99. Clients can pay an extra amount of $4.95 in order to avail order tracking service. Free standard shipping is also available for those clients who order medicines more than $200 whereas free EMS shipping is available for order that cost more than $300.

A customer care contact number and e-mail is also available in case clients face any issues with their order. Discount Number:

This pharmacy does not have a discount number and nor does it provide any discount coupons. But there is a 10% off on all orders above $200. And as it was already mentioned customers do get free standard shipping and free EMS shipping on orders above $200 and $300 respectively. User Reviews:

There is a place in the website where Sky Pharmacy offers its clients to post their valuable feedback. We also tried posting our own feedback on the site successfully. But what seemed strange was that they didn’t seem to have a social media handle where the customers could share their experience.

On a closer look, we saw that a few reviews shared on this website were found on other dubious websites as well. So, it was a fake copy and paste.

Below is an example: user reviews

Is a scam or legit?

After having a detailed investigation into various aspects of, we have come to a conclusion that the website Sky Pharmacy belongs to an affiliate program that is illegal with more than 100 odd mirror websites.

The do not have a valid licence or legal approvals from regulatory agencies which means that their operations are illegal and there are high chances they might be selling dummy medications.