Tramadol Pain Relief Clinical Study


In a study sponsored by Labopharm Inc and overseen by US Food and Drug Administration, 552 patients with moderate to severe osteoarthritis of the knee were enrolled for clinical trials to determine the pain-relieving properties of Tramadol 100, 200 and 300mg as once a day dose.

The 552 patients were divided into 4 groups.
Group A consisted of 106 patients on Tramadol 100mg
Group B consisted of 111 patients on Tramadol 200mg
Group C consisted of 108 patients on Tramadol 300mg
Group D had 227 patients who were on placebos – the patients didn’t know they were taking pills without any analgesic ingredient.

nalgesic effects of Tramadol

As expected The analgesic effect was highest for Tramadol 300mg with 25% of people getting close to complete pain relief. 23% of patients taking the 200mg of the drug reported it as very effective.

The interesting thing to note is that 13% of people taking placebo reporting the non-analgesic pill as effective which goes to prove that the human mind can do wonders on its own with just the perception of treatment. But again almost half of the patients taking placebo reported the drug as ineffective.

womac pain scale with tramadol

WOMAC pain impact scale score is derived from answers provided to a set of 5 pain related questions by the patients and then extrapolated to understand the difference from baseline to post-dose. Any difference-reading post 40 is considered to be a substantial reduction in pain and in many cases complete relief. Tramadol 300mg seems to have the maximum impact.

Adverse effects with Tramadol

Thanks to the pharmacy researcher forum for helping us put together the data on this article.